Sport trading has nothing to do with gambling*, it works on a similar basis as financial markets, but it is:
To start Sport Trading you DON’T need to have:
In order to make money as a Sport Trader you will only need:

Sport trading strategies – systems – ebooks – manuals – betfair trading

STOCK EXCHANGE, INVESTEMENT FUNDS, CURRENCY MARKETS … why would you bother with those complex markets if you could make money easier and in a more effective way by working at home and trading on …


SPORT TRADING is an easy, independent and modern way of working at home using the internet

Thousands of people in Western Europe, who value their independence and flexibility of working, makes money regularly this way. Many of them decided to quit their regular jobs in order to trade full time, because sport trading gives them more satisfaction and money.

Like in every job, in order to succeed you have to be hard working, disciplined and be willing to learn. And the most important thing- you have to like your job, which shouldn’t be too difficult. As a trader you’re gaining even more independence than running your own business. It doesn’t take much effort to earn the average national monthly salary.

Trading on a laptop on the beach

A few interesting facts about working as a Sport Trader:

  • you can work at home using the internet or wherever in the world, where you have an internet connection.
  • you can work when and how you want, because sport events take place 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
  • minimum cost of working this way – you only need a PC, professional trading software, a TV tuner with sport channels – although most sport events are now available on internet
  • even amateur traders sticking to certain rules and proper discipline can earn a good salary
  • it’s not only a job but also good fun giving lots of satisfaction – you watch a sport event and make money at the same time
  • sport trading is not gambling, it works the same way as stock or currency markets but winning is definitely easier

Even if you have a good job, you can still learn how to be a sport trader. It will allow you to gain an additional source of income and protect yourself if you lost your job.

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  1. Open a Betfair account.
  2. Install professional software (Fairbot) with ‘ladder’ interface, that will allow you to gain a competitive advantage over occasional traders. Note: You have to have a Betfair account before you can install the software.
  3. If you don’t have a digital TV but would like to have access to more live sport events, it’s worthwhile to set up an account with some bookmakers. Bookmakers have bought the rights to many interesting live sport events. You don’t have to be an active customer in order to watch games. You only have to register.

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