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More information about sport trading.

Investing and growing your capital in your own home, with a laptop connected to internet, sipping hot tea is very tempting. Not many people know about sport trading as a way of making money. Sport trading is an interesting investing alternative – it has more benefits than disadvantages compared to other forms of trading. It’s getting more and more popular in Great Britain and quickly spreading to other countries. Thanks to the internet you also have the chance to participate in this market and take some profits.

Interfejs ladder - Betfair Trader

Screenshot 1. Example of simple set up of the software using ‘ladder’ interface

Professional Sport Exchange – market almost perfect.

Would you like to trade on a market where prices change every 10 minutes? Everything takes place every afternoon, 7 days a week. In the market, where all prices are established by supply and demand, there’s no commission taken from each transaction- the only commission that you pay is a small percentage from your winnings. Earning money this way requires a lot of time in front of the monitor, but it’s possible to earn a few hundred pounds each day with having only £1000 to play with.

Betfair revolutionised the sport trading market by creating the open bet platform. This market is currently perceived more as a stock exchange where you trade betting risk.

People, who play on the stock market will probably be surprised to find out that the charts below represent market prices of sport betting for horse racing. Each of those charts represents 15-20 minutes of horse race betting and there are a lot of them each day, which gives us many opportunities to win.

chart_1 - price-volume-over time

chart_2 - price-volume-over time

Screenshoot 1

Smart investors realised quickly the huge possibilities that Betfair gives- now they’re able to buy and sell sport bets the same way they do on regular financial markets. The only difference is the fact that they do it on better terms. On the screenshot below you will find a typical daily profit of a professional trader.

Example of Betfair trader profit

Screenshot nr 3. Source:

For us traders, sport trade is an ideal opportunity to make money.

We buy/sell bets that either go up or down and we are happy with a small profit. What we do is called arbitrage. In layman’s terms- we buy and sell the sport bets as the prices often fluctuate. In theory, it’s easy but it requires similar attributes as stock market traders- discipline, experience and time. But there’s also a huge difference.

Sport trading requires less capital and there are definitely more money making opportunities. Many people start with small accounts of €20-100, they learn slowly using small sums of money in order to become more confident and start to build their capital. It’s not possible to keep multiplying stakes to infinity, because the market is not as liquid as the stock exchange and high stakes are not easily absorbed by the market.

If you would like to earn a few thousand euros each day by using this arbitrage, it can be very difficult as you’ll find out from reading many blogs. Earning a few hundred euros per day shouldn’t be a big problem.

I hope that we managed to arouse your interest in this topic. I encourage you to keep researching.

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