Betting Exchanges

A few words about Betfair, BetDaq, Matchbook, Smarkets and other possibilities available for traders. Thanks to these platforms there’s an opportunity to work using the internet.

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Betfair is one of the biggest and most valued firms offering online betting (sport trading).This platform allows the placing of bets between traders all over the word. It’s Traders who decide about the bets at any particular moment, just like on traditional stock exchange. Platform charges are small – between 1 and 5% and only from trader ‘s winnings. You can buy and sell the bet for the same price and it doesn’t cost you anything, whereas on traditional stock exchanges the broker always takes commission. It’s the main source of failure for investors, even experienced ones, because transaction costs often take up most of the profits. Currently there are more professional investors trading on sport exchanges tempted by easy profits. Betfair gives us huge possibilities for trading- it allows the selling and buying of bets for particular sport events.
In 2008 Betfair was awarded the Bristish Queeen’s award, one of the most prestigious prizes in United Kingdom.

Betdaq is similarly to Betfair a sport exchange, where you can buy and sell sport bets. It’s not as liquid as Betfair, but many companies and traders like to use Betsson, because its profit commissions are lower than Betfair’s. However Betfair remains the undoubted leader in terms of popularity and liquidity.

Currently Betting Exchanges other than Betfair are less popular but you may find then better for some strategies when high liquidity makes impossible to find trading opportunities, i.e: end of popular football matches.

Matchbook offers very good bonuses for opening an account.

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