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“ZCode™ System” Review

ZCode™ – a truly “Betting Robot”

ZCode™ is a professional, proven system since 1999. Over the years it was developed into a robust system created by 21 programmers. It’s been developed to provide winning sport predictions is: NBA (Basketball), MLB (Baseball), NFL (Football), NHL (Hockey) and expert picks in many other sports like: Soccer, College Sports, Tennis, ect.

ZCode™ is a “Betting Robot” – automatic money making system. It analyses 80 different parameters from every game. The examples of parameters are:

      • player condition
      • injuries
      • home or away team
      • trainers
      • rivalries
      • goalies
      • predicted future performance
      • past performance
      • and much more…

Other important points of ZCode system:

      1. It is looking for a ‘value bet‘. “Value bet” is the bet with the smallest risk possible and good reward ratio. It not telling you who win or loose but gives you more sophisticated advices about the markets like “number of goals or points”, “which player is a decent bet and it going to score most points”.
      2. ZCode is a betting robot so it calculate the odds without emotions. It has no favourites.
      3. It’s a fully automated system build by 21 programmers and former Forex traders fascinated by Betting Market.
      4. It’s been beta-tested publicly on Facebook for 144 monts
      5. The system is backtested to 1999. There was never a loosing month! According to authors it should prove it’s future value and they are sure about it. SportTrader.net believes nothing should be guaranteed. Markets changes, peoples behaviours so the historical results are not guarantee for the future.
      6. As with most of our products there is 60 money back guarantee so despite steep VIP price of $198 per month you have nothing to loose. Usually the best things in life do not come cheap but the best strategy is to stick to the best.
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