Software and tools

Software used for trading:

Tool logoCompatibilityFree trial
GeeksToy - 14 days free.

Fairboot - 15 days free.
Gruss SoftwareBetfair
Betting Assistant - 30 days free.
Windows and Apple Mac
Bet Trader - 7 days free.
Bet Angel - 14 days free.

Why they are so important and how they make a trading easier.

Using professional software is essential if you want to treat this job seriously. Good tools will help you to gain an advantage but they won’t replace the human factor that makes the decisions.

In order to start using the software you have to have a Betfair username. At the moment there are 5 leading programmes. It’s worthwhile trying all of them, before you make a decision and choose one.

Our tips:

  • Fairbot – recommended for football trading.
  • The most advanced, but also the most expensive is BetAngel.
  • Quite advanced and offering the most variety of functionality and price is BetTrader. You can try this software for free in grid version. The link below will allow you to download this software.

Why is the trading software so important and what is the ‘ladder’ interface?

The ‘ladder’ interface has become a standard among professional sport traders. On this ladder you can clearly see placed orders and matched bets. One of the most important features of the ladder interface is the fact that you can place an order by one click of your mouse. It’s quick and easy to divide already made profit into other events- it’s called a ‘green book’. It means that we make money regardless of the outcome of the game. Below you’ll find the layout of the ladder interface.

Interfejs ladder - Betfair Trader

Screenshot 1. Example of simple set up of the software using ‘ladder’ interface

If you want to become a sport trader, the professional software is a must, because every second matters in trading and speed is extremely important. It’ll be worth the money spent.

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