FC Barcelona forward, FCNeto is now following the footsteps of its star player, Leo Messi. Leo joined the club at a very young age of 16 from the Barcelona Juvenil team. He impressed right from the start and has gone on to score plenty of goals since then, including hat tricks in his first three games for the club. Leo’s goals have won FC Barcelona fans over and made them dream about what might have been if not for Leo.


So who is Leo Messi? Well he is basically known as a goalscorer is known as a goalscorer, so that is basically where we will start when talking about Leo’s statistics since joining the club. Leo has been scoring goals since joining, although he has not always been the best in the goalscoring department for FC Barcelona, he has nevertheless managed to consistently come out on top, and that is mainly because of his performances with the national team and in the different competitions he has participated in.

First of all, it should be noted that Leo is now playing for Spain. He made his debut against Italy during the 2021 World Cup and impressed the watching crowd with his performance, especially from the right wing position where he did extremely well. This performance earned him a call up to the national side and he plays right wing, which is probably the best position for a forward. Leo has impressed Barca fans with his displays and also since his debut he has consistently scored valuable goals for the club and has cemented himself as one of the best players in the team.

So what does this tell us about Leo’s stats? For starters, it shows us that he is now getting more opportunities to play in the attacking position for FC Barcelona. This means that he has become a more important cog in the team and that his efforts are being recognized. His assist rate has also increased, which is very good news for FC Barcelona as they desperately need more goals scored from outside the box. He seems to relish the chances that he is given though and he scores with his headers which is also very good news for Leo and for the rest of the Barca attack.

It is also worth noting that Leo continues to impress even after missing a few games due to injury. He is still one of the best players on the team and is finding time to score goals. This season so far has been a big test for Leo as he has played a few games down the trodden path. His fitness has been a massive factor in his success. He has certainly been a big boost to the Barca attack and has brought much needed quality and experience to the team.

As I mentioned earlier, Leo is now playing for his country and this has obviously had an effect on his performance. His performance has improved and he has been named as the team captain for the second season in a row. I believe this is the most important season of his career in my eyes and he deserves it.

Neto is now comfortable playing in the centre of defence. This means that he can drop into the middle and play on the wing if need be. This has really helped his game and he should start scoring goals from centre backs at a much quicker rate now that he is comfortable in his position. The signing of Boateng has also helped Neto as Boateng plays the same position as him and knows exactly what he needs to do on the ball. This should benefit Neto and allow him to play in the same system as Boateng for the rest of the season.

Neto has come in for a bit of a bargain after initially being linked with moves to Italian giants Inter and AC Milan. However, his performances for Benfica have convinced the big boys in Europe that he is one of their own and could be the solution to their goalkeeping problems. So they will be making no attempt to sign him before the season is over. They are probably happy to leave him in their pool for now and concentrate on a player like Boateng who can create scores for them.