Martin Braithwaite is a football enthusiast. A fanatic who would go to great lengths just to watch his team play. It all started when he was only five years old. That’s right, the son of an amateur soccer player was so crazy about the sport that he would travel across the country and would cheer for his team wherever he went.

Martin Braithwaite

It didn’t take him long to make it big. At the age of sixteen he signed with Watford as a trainee. He impressed the club so much that he was offered a trial and eventually signed on as a permanent free agent after three seasons. He then played two seasons for Watford before joining Celtic. His experience made him a valuable commodity in the English game.

In his early days in Scotland, Braithwaite played for both Celtic and Watford. The highlight of his career was playing in the famous Edinburgh derby against Rangers. That season he scored two goals in four games. That helped Celtic win the Scottish Premier League title.

Now that he is established in England, Braithwaite plays for West Bromwich or Leeds. He is a regular on the international stage, having featured in the England side for both the EURO and World Cup tournaments. He has also been capped by Scotland and Jamaica. Of course, he is very familiar to American fans as a result of his starring role in the movie, The Adams Family.

Braithwaite was named the PFA’s Man of the Year in 2021. He also was a plus size model for British Vogue magazine’s “Hot Girls” campaign. Clearly a very accomplished player and a valuable member of the English football community.

One can only imagine what type of statistics Martin Braithwaite will produce this season. West Bromwich is still stuck in the middle of the pack in the league. They do, however, have one of the most exciting attacking players in the team in strikers Wayne Rooney. They also have a talented youngster in striker Micah Richards. Braithwaite has already made an impact on the American football scene.

In his early days as a player, Braithwaite was often used as a right wing player, although he has also played on the left. There are very few American football players that have made a significant amount of goals from their right wing position. Perhaps that is a surprise. It would appear that Braithwaite has all of the physical attributes that make for a good right wing player.

A favorite line is, “The greatest sports people play their best football when they’re scared.” That is exactly what Braithwaite is doing now. Maybe his teammates and England coach Capello realize that too. It appears that England might be an exciting footballing nation. They just need someone to take their stats under their belt.

Braithwaite has been an excellent passer during his time with Tunesmith’s club. He has been an excellent leader as well. If England can continue to develop their young talent, Braithwaite could develop into a fine leader of the English football team. The statistics that he puts up at his current club, though, will not be able to help those who doubt his ability.

Martin Braithwaite’s statistics at Watford are very impressive. His assists for his team has been a huge factor in their success as a team. However, when you are playing football you know that assists only go so far. Braithwaite needs to make more of his own goals.

In order for Braithwaite to get more statistics out of his football career, he needs more creativity on his team. He needs to score more goals. As it stands right now, Braithwaite is tied for the team lead with three assists. He needs to increase that number if he wants to break into the top 100 overall players in the world.

It may seem like an accomplishment to some players, but for a soccer player, any statistical record is nothing unless it comes with wins and against the competition. The only way for Braithwaite to get more soccer stats is to win the TFF Cup. Only one other player has ever done that, which is Rob James. There is no reason why Braithwaite can’t be crowned the tournament’s greatest player.