Matheus Fernandes is a Brazilian international football player who plays as a right wing midfielder for FC Barcelona. He currently has two goals scored this season. Matheus is the son of a Brazilian legend, Roberto Carlos. He also has ten caps for his country. He began playing for the Brazilian side at the age of 16 and he has gone on to play for the Seleven Club, Internacional Brazil, Albirre Club, FC Barcelona B, and FC Barcelona. Matheus first played for his native Brazil in the 1990s.

Matheus Fernandes

Matheus became a regular with the Seleven Club in the early 1990s where he played on the right wing. He played alongside former players such as Ronaldo, Kaka, and Samuel Eto’o. He did not start playing for Brazil until the World Cup Qualifying round of the 2021 season. Matheus was given an extended grace period by the club where he was allowed to leave the club and sign for FC Barcelona in the summer of 2021. He has not started a league match for FC Barcelona since.

Matheus was a regular for the Brazil side for the next three seasons, although he only made eleven appearances for the side. During this time he scored four goals. This included a hat trick against England during the Round of 16. Matheus did not feature in any of the Brazil’s subsequent World Cups tournaments, choosing instead to focus on getting selected for the Spanish national team. Matheus has not played for Spain or any other country since the current World Cup.

If you want to see some of Matheus Fernestellis highlights then YouTube does have some great videos featuring the forward and his career. The player is best known for his goalscoring prowess which he is certainly adept at. Matheus is currently second in the scoring charts with 23 goals, just one behind Ronaldo. Despite being only a part-time player, Matheus has managed to score plenty of goals for his country and also for his club.

One of Matheus Fernestellis greatest accomplishments to date came in the Copa America tournament, when he came on as a substitute during the quarter final against arch rivals Argentina. Matheus had been unused for the last twenty minutes of the match and had not started a single game for the Argentine side. Matheus went on to score three goals in what is now regarded as one of the most memorable games in South America. There are many people who will argue that without those three goals Argentina would most likely have won the tournament.

Matheus Fernestellis is now thirty years of age, having begun to develop a goalscoring record during his time at Internacional where he was a regular member of the team. Many attribute this to the style of play adopted by the Argentine side, often playing men behind the striker in a 4-4-3 formation. Matheus has however admitted that at the time it was difficult for him to adjust to this style of play. Many of his fellow players however believe that Matheus’ lack of ability to convert his chances into goals means that he does still have a long way to go in his career.

Matheus has consistently maintained that his playing career is largely dependent upon the luck of injuries. Being forced to sit out long periods due to an injury is something that does affect a player’s confidence, even if they are temporarily fit. Matheus has however remained focused on his goal, which is to win the national title for Inter. Despite missing some months of action through injury, Matheus managed to cement his place as Inter’s number one goalkeeper. It is fair to say that with the signing of goalkeeper David Meunier from Sporting Lisbon last summer, Matheus now feels comfortable at the role and looks set to be Inter’s main goalkeeper for many years to come. The club however, is reluctant to hand the goalkeeper job over to Matheus permanently, with the Argentine believing that he can establish himself into the first team much quicker than Meunier is likely to.

Matheus Fernestellis represents Inter when they face off against Manchester United in next Sunday’s crucial derby in the city. This will be Inter’s third derby game in a row and a must-win situation for them if they are to recover from their sluggish start to the season. With the derby already secured, manager Roberto Mancini has other important games on his mind including the return of suspended stars Arturo Vidal and David Silva. Both are suspended due to disciplinary issues, but Mancini has made it clear that they will not be leaving centre backs Nemanja Vitoria and Carlos Vela out of the starting line-up. With Inter leading the league in goals scored, I doubt that anybody who watches the games seriously believes that Inter will not end in the top three.