FC Barcelona had already won the treble of Spain last year and they have a lot to look forward to in the coming years. However, as the season is about to draw to a close, fans and players are looking back on the past seasons and reminisce on the memories that they had with the team. And one of the players who embodies the current Barca team is Miralem Pjani.

Miralem Pjani

FC Barcelona’s first two champions, of course, are Pele and Maradona. However, there was one more great player who could not only lift the trophy but also influence the players and the coach during his time with the club. That man was Miralem Pjani. And we are going to give you some information on his biography and some of his goals scored during his time with the club.

According to FC Barcelona statistics, Miralem Pjani has only scored three goals this season. While this might not sound like a lot of goals scored, it shows that he has a lot of work in front of him. And a big part of that is doing well in the defensive line. The Barca defense is getting better every year and this is a key ingredient that they need in order to win the trophies. Especially the European ones.

Let us first look at his biography. This is a man born in Enggue, Ivory Coast. And it is a fact that he is actually very humble. He started playing football when he was young and he even trained with his family. He joined FC Barcelona as an apprentice, but later on he decided to give it his all and train himself as a professional in the field of statistics.

During the early years of his career, he was always linked to attacking minded players. Some say that he never fit into the Barcelona team because he was always playing in the middle. But according to FC Barcelona statistics, Miralem Pjani assisted more goals than any other outfield player in the club’s history! And he is one of the few players who have won the Spanish title five times, while he is the only outfield player to have done so.

The current situation with FC Barcelona has Miralem Pjani sitting on the bench. Due to a lack of players in the starting eleven, Pjani is now sharing the center forward position with Serginho. And vice versa, Serginho is now partnered with Costa. It seems that the Brazilian trio are not enjoying the best of their careers in the same team, which might be a little surprising to many.

However, the team does not seem to be too bothered by this situation. Pique believes that Costa and Serginho are both talented. And he adds that he feels great knowing that neither will be moving ahead of the other in the pecking order. This may be true, but what makes them so talented is their commitment. And this season, Costa needs to score more goals than he has in the previous six months or he will be considered as a failure.

Regardless of where you put him, Lalrinde still remains a very exciting player. And it’s very easy to see why he attracted Manchester United, AC Milan, PSV Eindhoven, Chelsea and probably some other top sides. He has the ability to play in different positions, and he’s very young for an attacker.

Another exciting player who is now very young is strikers youngster Alexeyevski. A former trainee at Lokomotov Moscow, Alexeyevski joined Milan last summer, playing a bit part at left wing. He has impressed the club’s coaching staff and the likes of Kaka and Mario Balotelli have also given him their endorsement. And so far, it’s looking like he’ll continue the good form that he’s shown in the previous six months or so. Expect a lot more goals this season from Alexeyevski.

The third player to be brought in from Milan this season is defender Thierry Henry. Though he started out at right back, Henry is a right or left back. However, he has impressed the coach with his skills in central defence, which is where he’ll most likely play for club and country.

So, the season is finally upon us. What do you think? Will Lalrinde disappoint? And how about Alexeyevski and Henry? They are youngsters, but they have plenty of time to become great players.