Portuguese footballers have a long tradition in the field of soccer and one of them is Neto. The forward is from Lisbon, Portugal and is one of the favourites at the right now of FC Barcelona. Neto has scored over 60 goals in his FC Barcelona career so far. This is good for him and he is definitely on the path to becoming a great player in the future. He has already established himself at the club and Neto biography was written because of this.


Neto first came to play with FC Barcelona as a member of the reserve team when he was only 16 years old. He was given a trial by the first team coach and he impressed the coach enough that he was given a position in the team. He played the second part of the season and impressed even more. He was given a fulltime training and Neto made a good impression on the players and his ability and talent impressed the coach and he was given a position on the starting line and then immediately made himself a favourite among the players.

Neto’s popularity soon spread all over the team and the rest follows. After only a few months, he moved to another team and the rest is history. Neto is a versatile player and is very quick. This is a very important quality in a player because speed makes plays speedy and easy. This is what most coaches say and Neto shows this quality and this is the reason why he is a starter for his national team and for his club. It is because of this popularity that Neto has a big list of fans all over the world and this is mainly because of his goals scored for his country as well as his fantastic achievements in the field of football.

Neto is not only an attacking player but he is also a goalscorer for his team. For this reason, he is one of the favourites at the moment of FC Barcelona. He has also been voted the team player of the season so far and he is a real star in the making. Even other international stars have given Neto a lot of credit for his contribution to their team.

One of Neto’s greatest achievements has been winning the right to represent Brazil in the 2021 FIFA World Cup. The right to represent Brazil won Neto by a large margin and he feels very proud about this. Neto has also played well for his club and has given a good performance in both games. He is also a reserve player for his national team and this means that he has the chance to play in major tournaments like the World Cup and the Olympics. All these have made Neto a well-known name in football as well as a respected player.

Neto’s popularity means that he gets many shirt designs made as well as different hairstyles and he has also become a spokesperson for health and fitness. It is true that Neto knows his work inside out and he knows how to project himself in the right manner so that people who see him understand what he has to offer. Also, his profile on the website Futebol graphically shows what a great player he is an inspiration to many players as well. The website also states that Neto loves music and all football related articles are written by him.

Neto was a part of the Brazil team that won the Under-20s in Europe and he impressed coach Roberto Carlos to such an extent that the coach decided to bench Neto for the U20 World Cup in Germany this summer. Neto is excited about this and believes that he has made big steps towards breaking the dominance of Brazilian footballers in the world footballing arena. Neto is also focused upon giving a good performance in the U.S. national team which is going to start to qualify for the World Cup this summer. The U.S. team has already qualified for the last four World Cups and hope to make it to the semis for the next four tournaments.

If you want to get an insight into a very exciting and talented football player, then read this Neto Boffin biography. You will also be able to learn about one of the greats in Brazilian football history. Also, learn what his influences were on his career. Finally, you can appreciate the passion and dedication to football which he has shown since he was a child. This Neto Boffin profile will certainly inspire you to follow the career of one of the great players of the modern era. Read it and you will surely enjoy reading about one of the contemporary Brazilian footballing stars.