BiographySergio Busquet is a famous Spanish football player who wears the number 6 jersey of FC Barcelona. Born in Madeira, he became a professional with FC Barcelona when he was just 16 years of age. He then played on the left wing for the club and then for the country during the right-wing position. During his time with the Catalans, he won the Spanish title three times.

Sergio Busquets

What stands out about him is the fact that he never got an opportunity to feature in the big leagues of Europe, even though he impressed coach Pep Guardiola enough to be given a trial at Celtic Park in Scotland. Busquets now plays for Leveras Blanc in the French league, and is not on the field yet. However, he made over 100 appearances for the Spanish national team, scoring four goals. Bored by his own lack of playing time, he turned to coaching, where his statistics would reflect this.

He has coached some good football clubs, including RC Strasbourg in the French league. However, his contribution to FC Barcelona was almost non-existent. It was then, in 2021, that he decided to try coaching at a different club. The rest is history. As expected, his statistics have increased dramatically at the new club, registering six goals and 11 assists in his first season. This was enough to impress his coach, Pep Guardiola, enough to earn a contract for the following season, which started in November of that year.

During this period, Busquets also spent some time with FC Barcelona’s B team, which is actually where his real talents lie. B team is made up of mostly youngsters and he has managed to instill confidence in them by scoring goals and assisting others. In fact, this is probably his biggest achievement at a football club’s level. It is also his biggest disappointment, since he only spent a few months playing and even came close to breaking the team’s record for appearances. Nonetheless, he has continued to work hard and he has now managed to raise the expectations of the club’s fans, as well as the players.

Now, he is coaching one of the biggest teams in the Spanish league. Real Madrid is probably the biggest club in the whole of Spain and, according to many experts, is now the biggest team in Europe. Despite this, however, there are still people who doubt the abilities of Busquets. This is probably due to his age and his lack of playing time at the big clubs, although he is doing a great job at Real Madrid.

So, why is he now coaching a football team? One reason might be the style of football he is implementing at Real Madrid. This is known to produce very talented football players and many believe that Busquets fits into this particular mold. His experience and success at the national team have also played a huge role in convincing many people that he has what it takes to become a top coach in the world of football.

The next logical step for him would be to move into management at some of the football clubs in Spain or in Europe. After all, he is a former player and now a successful coach. He would be able to take the team from the very bottom to where it currently stands today. Many would also like to see him take the team to the top of European football, since Real Madrid currently leads the league.

Of course, he would need to do more than just coach a Spanish team, either. He would also need to manage other international sides, as well. If he were to do this successfully, he could potentially have a very good future ahead of him. For now though, it appears that he will be content with helping out at his current job. While he may not be getting paid quite as well, he will still be getting plenty of recognition for the work that he does. And that is all that really matters.