Sergio Dest

What You Need To Know About Sporting Lisbon Attackers

BiographySergio Dest represents the United States in international football. Born in the Netherlands to an American father and a Dutch mother, Dest has represented the United States at senior international level since 2021. He currently plays for Sporting Lisbon in the Portuguese first division. He has scored two goals so far this season as Sporting Lisbon looks to qualify for the playoffs in the league. Read on for all the facts on this talented player and why you should follow him and his statistics at FC Barcelona.

What you need to know about this Sporting Lisbon forward is that he is not only a talented football player but also a versatile one. Born and raised in the United States, Dest has impressed scouts from across Europe with his performances at youth international level. Most impressively, he even played for the United States under-20s during the 2021 Youth World Cup. This was Dest’s first taste of international football and he is eager to build on this. The statistics that he currently boasts of are a goal and an assist in each of his five games for Sporting Lisbon this season.

What you need to know about this talented player is that he started out at FC Barcelona as a forward before playing some weeks on the wing. It is true that this position came with more responsibilities but Dest did show impressive qualities in helping Sporting Barca wins the treble of the Spanish title in 2021-12. His goalscoring record at this club is excellent too, with 29 goals in just 45 appearances over the past two seasons. Some of the strikes that he has notched include headers and close range finishes.

So what does it mean for us as fans to admire such a prolific goalscorer from Sporting Lisbon? For starters, it means that he has the ability to change the pace of a game on a dime. While he starts like a goal machine and scores goals with regularity, his creativity seems to be lacking when it comes to trying other systems too. That is probably because he does play in an attacking role most of the time and Sporting rarely play a back three.

However, there are times when he does compensate for his lack of a fit body by scoring goals with his feet. Injuries are no doubt a huge problem for any player and this may have been a contributory factor in his recent slump. Still, good players have the knack of adjusting and this certainly does not apply to Sergio Dest.

Injuries are part of the game. One can never be sure when they will strike their foot and that is why having a good striker in Sporting Lisbon is extremely important. For starters, Dest probably lacks the pace to be a centre forward in the MLS. Right now, Toronto has only one attacking player (nelfas) who can provide the same type of speed that Dest possesses. In addition, most attacking players in MLS are better at playing in the wings.

Dest probably is not as fast as standout stars like Bradley or Morales but he is much more intelligent. The main thing that separates him from other attacking players in Portugal is his mentality and work ethic. He has a very good work ethic and is always willing to learn. As a player, he has to have the right mentality and is always eager to learn new tricks and systems. Without being proactive and always eager to learn new systems, he could very well be a player lost on a team for a year or two.

This brings us to one of the biggest negatives about him. Currently, Sporting Lisbon does not appear to have a number one striker and this is perhaps their biggest Achilles heel. If their current crop of strikers cannot perform, then Sporting could very well be in danger of going into administration. If that happens, the rest of the season may be lost. In this scenario, it would be very risky to try and bring in a new signing without any real options.

Sergio Dest | players | team | player | good} Overall, it will be difficult for Sporting Lisbon to get results if they cannot field a good striker. The signing of Sergio Dest would be a huge boost for the club, but only if he turns out to be a match-winner and consistent performer. If he is unable to do either of these things, then he could prove to be the biggest signing of the summer for Sporting. Given the arrival of strikers like Kaka and striker Oriol Romeien-Fillion, there is no reason why Sporting cannot become a competitive side again.