Jordi Alba

Who Else Wants to Be a FC Barcelona Defender?

Jordi Alba is currently the hot favourite to become the next FC Barcelona coach. A well-known fan favourite with the Catalans since he broke into the team at the age of 16, the young attacking player has already made himself a name in the club’s history. However, his impressive profile does not solely depend on being a youngster who turned professional; it is about much more than that. It is about the statistics he holds, about the goals he scores, and above all else, about the character. In other words, this is not just a young player’s journey into stardom; it is also about the character he brings with it.

Alba’s two goals against Real Madrid last season were his first goals in his FC Barcelona career, although he had actually been on the bench for the first three of these. Regardless, his performance did not go unnoticed, as he has since been given a permanent place in the starting line-up. His statistics would suggest otherwise, with only four goals and one assist so far this season, but as he has proven time again, there is no substitute for making your own the hard way.

To appreciate Alba, it is important to understand the role he plays. The right play calls for the right style of player, and Jordi Alba fulfils this role brilliantly. Playing as a right midfielder, he is not primarily a creator or a passer; he is more of an overlapping full-back. This means that he is looking to win the ball from opponents and then to keep it for his team. Playing this role is also highly effective because of the excellent defensive qualities he possesses.

Jordi Alba is not, however, the complete player he is made out to be. Despite being one of the most impressive footballers to emerge during the past few years, he is still a raw talent. This may sound disappointing given his age (20), but given his lack of first team football and regular game time, it is understandable that he needs some time to develop his skills. It is rare that young players are handed their chance of stardom straight away, but Alba is certainly a good example of that. He is certainly not the finished product yet, but is still very much a top player.

One of the great things about Jordi Alba is his mentality. Playing for Barcelona during his early days was nothing short of extraordinary. However, he always remained focused on becoming a top player and going all the way to become the first player in the history of the club to score in three different competitions. It is this drive that has helped him achieve great success with both club and international teams, and in doing so has also brought him many awards including the prestigious Best outfield player award for the 2021/11 season.

Jordi Alba also impressed during his time playing for Los Blancos, earning himself a deserved move to FC Barcelona in Spain, where he has become one of the most dominant central defenders in the league. He has also made 21 appearances for his country, scoring two goals, and although he missed much of the last season due to anemia, he has definitely been a huge boost to La Roja following the sacking of Pep Guardiola. He has impressed many with his performances and has definitely been one of the brightest young talents in recent years.

As with any player who is making a big step up in their career, Alba will have competition from some of the finest football players in the world. Some of the more illustrious names in the current squad include stars like FC Barcelona forward Andres Iniesta and FC Monaco defender Aymeric Laporta. If those players were to go into a scrapbook, Alba’s name would certainly feature very prominently. He has definitely come a long way since joining Los Blancos in 2021.

The fact that Alba is only now getting first team football from FC Barcelona at the age of 23 makes it even more impressive. It shows just how much potential he still has. This season could see him take on a greater role and become one of the most vital players at FC Barcelona. He is undoubtedly earning rave reviews for his performances so far, and with such an enormous amount of pressure on him, he clearly needs some time to shine. Right now though, he is enjoying every minute of it, and it looks as though he might just be ready to storm past his competitors and earn that treasured place at FC Barcelona next season.